I have this rectangle of super-strong glass in my pocket, that is both a telephone – remember when telephoning other people required you to dial in a number that reached the building you hoped the person you wanted to speak to was inside? – that works all over the world and a personal terminal for

Archie comics


Lunabar: The Digital Lunar Almanack for Windows

For thousands of years, people have observed, been fascinated by, and even worshiped the moon. Helping to keep

Different Kinds of Meditation

Alexandra Genetti I think there are two kinds of meditation – I call them ‘Discursive’ and ‘Numinous.’ What

tumblr_ofqxl4P3h91r5ebfso1 Mystery Waltz, 1939

Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song Cover

Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song Cover Guitar cover of the beautiful Rain Song. 6 guitars on this

Image credit: Aarne Bielefeldt